Rygg Gummi AS

produces seals and gaskets in rubberquality for the ship- and offshoreindustry and the other industries in Scandinavia. Our company is located centrally in Sande i Vestfold about 60 km south-west of Oslo.

40 years of experience gives a great knowledge for the production of seals and gaskets. We have a variety of over 2000 different profiles within the qualities of neopren, nitril, epdm and flameresistent rubber. If you are unable to find your profile, we have our own toolmaker who can develop your profile.

Our spesiality is high quality, short deliverytime and good service. Express delivery the same day if we receive your order before 09.00 o'clock (expresscharge). We welcome you as a new customer.


About us

The firm that focus on good service and quick delivery

Rygg Gummi AS is located close to E18 beetween Drammen and Holmestrand – approx. 60 km south of Oslo on the west side of the Oslo-fjord (see map). We have over 30 years experience producing rubberprofiles, both sponge-rubber and compact rubber in Neopren, EPDM, Nitil and Flame Resistant qualities. We also have our own toolmaker so if you need a spesial profile, call us. Otherwise we deliver a full spectre of all widths and thicknesses of self-adhesive seals and gaskets in Neopren and EPDM, spongerubber or in compact rubber qualities. If you need a special type of profile send us a scale-drawing/sketch by fax 33785661 and we will give you a quote. We have over 1500 tools so there is a real possibility of finding the profile to suit your needs. If not, we can make a tool at at reasonable price.

"We are a small production company with good service as our top priority."

This means that we have a very short delevery time – if urgent 1 day for an express service. We are also problem solvers and will help you with your sealingproblems.


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Our postadress:
Rygg Gummi AS
3070 Sande
Phone: +4733785660
Fax: +4733785661
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In our factory we have a rubberworkshop that is capable of producing all kinds of rubber details. The rubberworkshop will also be able to make repair of exsisting rubberdetails that customers send to us.

Please send us a qutation.


Sale Staff

Vegard Amundsen

Jan Arild Rygg
Managing Director


Where to find us

R.J. Rygg International AS is situated on the east side of Sande (R.319 towards Svelvik) beetween Drammen and Holmestrand and ca. 60 km south of Oslo. From Drammen - drive south (E18 Motorway) about 12 km. The sign ”Sande Nord” tells you to take to the left side of E18 down to Sande. Follow this road to the Hydro/Texaco petrolstation. So left to Svelvik (R319). Follow this road to the Coop-Shop on your right handside. Then take to the left to ”Bjørnstadfeltet”. Follow this road to R.J. Rygg International AS about 1 km from the main road.

Please use the adresse Bjørnstadveien 107 Sande to find us on Google maps


RYGG GUMMI AS | Bjørnstadveien 107 | 3077 Sande | Norway | Tlf 33 78 56 60 | Fax 33 78 56 61 | E-mail: post (@) gummi. no